Communal in nature, bees are a symbol of hard work, new beginnings and determination.  Bee The Reason was founded to mimic the simple idea of the Hive Mind.  Bee colonies work together to complete a goal by sharing knowledge and not letting anyone fall behind.  

I've created this project to form a network, or a hive, to remind people that making a small connection with someone can change the course of their path more than we realize.  The goal of this service is to provide anyone in treatment, shelters or other programs, a small token of resilience in the form of a bee themed item: a piece of jewelry, a journal or a key chain - all donated free of charge to any organization willing to participate.  Bee The Reason does not offer medical advice or counseling, nor do we deal directly with clients.  We supply providers with these items to distribute. 

A person battling addiction, fleeing domestic violence or recovering from suicidal ideation, is someone who could use connection to the community, a reminder that they aren't alone to face whatever they're going through.  One physical item given to a person who is starting over from nothing may be the reason they hang on to see another day. 

The end goal I have for Bee The Reason is to be able to provide financial assistance to people starting over.  

If you are interested in donating supplies, money, time or are a provider of services that would benefit from this program, please email us at  There's room for everyone.

Like bees, humans are creatures that are small in nature, but are capable of having a big impact.  Bee The Reason someone smiles.  Bee The Reason someone stays.

Caroline & Hive