What is our mission?

  • To provide bee themed items as tokens of encouragement to the communities that need it most (unhoused, people in addiction & mental health recovery, people who are fleeing a domestic violence situation) free of charge.  
  • These items are distributed through case/crisis workers, mental health facilities, rehab centers and shelters.  Contact us if you'd like to sign your facility up as a distributor! 

What does it cost our partners?

  • Nothing!  Verified outreach/crisis workers will be able to sign up to get rotating supplies of our items to hand out as needed.

So, why do I have to buy one?

  • Your purchase will fund more supplies for us to distribute to the community. Our end goal is to earmark funds to help support people who need to start over.  Whether it's a new microwave, mattress, grocery gift card.  We also welcome donations to our venmo: beethereason

How can I help?

  • We are so glad you asked.  Yes, we can use whatever help you can give us! 
    • Make bracelets
    • Donate supplies
    • Donate funds
    • Share our social media! Facebook or Instagram

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